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Emergency Dentistry

When dealing with a dental emergency, knowing what to do can help you preserve your oral health, and peace of mind. With many types of dental trauma, the sooner you can see your dentist, the better. Dr. Rudnick is an emergency dentist in the West Palm Beach area who can treat your unexpected dental needs. Rudnick Dentistry is located in Palm Beach Gardens.

Dental emergencies require different after-care instructions. By reacting calmly and with urgency, you can help yourself until you are able to see emergency dentist for West Palm Beach or Palm Beach Gardens residents, Dr. Rudnick. If you are unable to reach the dentist, go to your nearest emergency room.

Knocked Out Tooth: Find the tooth, if possible. Avoid touching the roots – very gently pick it up by the crown (the chewing surface of the tooth). Gently rinse it with water, but take care to preserve any tissue fragments. Try to insert it back into its socket if you can. If not, immerse the tooth in milk until you can see Dr. Rudnick. The tooth can remain alive up to about 60 minutes in milk alone – so it’s important to call as soon as possible.

Cracked or Fractured Tooth: There may or may not be pain or sensitivity to hot or cold foods. If you are experiencing pain, call Rudnick Dentistry right away. Swish warm water to clean the mouth, and if any swelling is present, apply a cold compress to the face.

The tooth needs treatment to avoid infection and further damage. There are several types of tooth fractures, which may be at risk for nerve damage. Basically, the bigger the crack, the more damage the tooth has endured. In any case, call Rudnick Dentistry right away.

Regular dental visits can also help in preventing some causes of tooth fractures, by addressing concerns such as grinding, clenching, contact sports which should be played with mouthguards, an unbalanced bite, and more.

Broken tooth: Accidents, trauma, cavities, or crunchy foods can cause a tooth to break. Call Rudnick Dentistry as soon as you can, and swish warm water to clean the mouth. It’s important to see Dr. Rudnick right away to treat the tooth, relieve any discomfort, and address the health and stability of the tooth and your overall oral health.

Toothaches: Take your preferred pain reliever (such as ibuprofen or Tylenol) with water – never hold aspirin or any pain reliever directly to the gums. There may be infection in the tooth, a cavity or multiple areas of decay, or an old filling that has become compromised. Call Rudnick Dentistry at your earliest convenience.

Sore or swollen gums: Gently try to floss the area, but never use anything other than floss. If there isn’t anything lodged in the gums, then the discomfort or inflammation is likely due to infection. Rinse the mouth with warm salt water and call Rudnick Dentistry.

Broken crown: Crowns can break, especially after years of use. Find the crown if you can, and Dr. Rudnick can help you assess the situation. If the site of the crown is causing pain, call Rudnick Dentistry right away. If you are able to fit the crown back onto the tooth, you may adhere the crown in place using store-bought dental cement or toothpaste. Never use glue or any other adhesives. If you aren’t able to replace the crown on your tooth, hang on to it until you can see Dr. Rudnick.

Dr. Rudnick is an emergency dentist serving the West Palm Beach area. Patients of record and new patients are welcome to call Rudnick Dentistry for dental emergencies.