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Oral DNA Testing

Our oral health plays an active role to our overall body health. Poor preventative care – lack of brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist regularly –can result in oral disease, which can lead to life threatening illnesses. Periodontal disease is a risk for your overall health because research shows that poor periodontal health increases your chances of acquiring life threatening diseases including heart disease, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, pre-term labor, and more.

Oral HPV has also become another common oral disease. HPV has become one of the most common virus groups in the United States where at least 20 million people are infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Oral HPV is another form of HPV and a serious risk factor for developing oral cancers.

People are unaware that they have some form of periodontal disease or other oral diseases. Oral DNA testing can determine what harmful bacteria are in your mouth, allowing your dentist to know what kinds of periodontal disease you are more prone to and find early signs of oral HPV.

Dr. Rudnick can save your life

Dr. Rudnick offers gum disease treatments with Oral DNA testing. Palm Beach Gardens residents are recommended to get tested to determine if your overall mouth and body are healthy. A few of the treatments offered include HPV testing, MyPerioPath, and MyPerioID where each testing is an easy, non-invasive screening process.

HPV testing: Oral HPV does not have any clinical signs or symptoms so detecting early signs before it gets worse is extremely important. OraRisk Oral HPV test is a non-invasive procedure where you gurgle and swish a saline solution for 30 seconds, and expectorate the solution into a collection tube. Dr. Rudnick will send the sample to an Oral DNA lab near Palm Beach Gardens, and will be able to determine any signs of Oral HPV.

MyPerio Path: This screening tool identifies what specific bacteria are in your mouth. Dr. Rudnick can see whether your mouth is infected with bacteria that cause gingivitis or gum disease. Either way, the results will help him decide how to customize your treatment plan to let you live a healthy life with a healthy mouth.

MyPerioID: Unfortunately, periodontal disease has a genetic link as in some individuals are more prone to it than others. This Oral DNA test will determine whether you have the genetic link, and how Dr. Rudnick can adapt your hygiene treatment to make sure the disease does not pursue further.

Are you concerned about your oral health and need Oral DNA testing? Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach residents should call Dr. Rudnick for an appointment.